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League Rules

Malvern League Basketball Rules

 (Revised 11/14/17) 

I. Rules and Exceptions 

A. All games will be played under Federation\PIAA rules. 

            B. Exceptions Reminders and Clarifications to Federation\PIAA rules. 

1. Four 10 minute quarters – running clock for the first 9 minutes of each quarter.  Clock stops for the last minute of each quarter, all time outs and unusual delays like injuries and equipment adjustments.  This is up to the discretion of the referee. 

2. Bonus Free Throws - Shoot One-and-One on the 7th team foul and Two shots on the 10th team foul. 

3. Four Time-Outs for the regulation game and one additional Time-Out in overtime. Time-Outs DO NOT carry over from regulation into OT.

4. Each player is allowed six personal fouls.

5. The initial overtime period is 2 minutes long. After the first OT, additional OT's are 1 minute long. After the 2nd OT, coaches and Officials may agree to end the game as a tie - this usually occurs with the younger teams.

6. Only the head coach may stand and is restricted to an area covering the length of the bench from the first to last seat.  Do not block the scorekeeper’s vision.  All assistant coaches and bench players must remain seated except during time outs and between periods. 

7. Head coach, not an assistant, may request a time out, but the time out is granted only when a referee acknowledges the request.

8. During free throws, players along the lane can enter the free throw lane after the ball is released by the shooter. However, the shooter and players not lined up in the lane positions must wait till the ball hits the rim. Exceptions: for 1st & 2nd graders, the Free Throw Shooter can shoot a foot or so in front of the free throw line; for 3rd, and 4th grade divisions, the free throw shooter must start behind free throw line and can “drift” over the foul line, but cannot rush down the lane for rebound.

9. Teams may begin the game with four players, but the opponent can still play with five(thier choice).  Teams with less than 4 players will forfeit the game but can share players from the other teams in order to play a game.

     II. Game Management Notes 

A. Referees will use abbreviated mechanics to keep the game moving.

B. Substitutes must be beckoned into the game by referees.  Substitutes will report to scorer’s table or a designated spot at half-court.

C. Taunting, profanity and “trash” talking will not be tolerated.  Referees are not required to warn a player or coach before assessing a technical foul.

D. Fighting (includes pushing, kicking, etc.) is an automatic ejection and 1 game suspension.  Second ejection for fighting is an automatic suspension from the league. (No refunds)

E. Pressing, free zone, and other defensive restrictions.

1. All games playing on short (below 10') baskets, which include 1st, 2nd, 3rd grade divisions, cannot play defense in the backcourt during the entire game.

2. The short basket divisions (1st, 2nd & 3rd) use the FREE ZONE rule:

The Free Zone is the area in the front court from the mid-court line to the top of the free throw circle. This line is an imaginary line at the top of the free throw circle from sideline to sideline (do not use the 3 point line as the free zone area). Defense cannot engage the opponent in the free zone until the last five minutes of hte game and OT. In the last 5 minutes of the game and in OT, once the offense has crossed the mid-court line, the defense will be allowed to defend in the entire front court.

3. For all games involving 4th, 5th & 6th grade teams, there is no full court pressing (in the back court) until the last five minutes of the game and overtime. Please note these teams DO NOT play with a free zone in the front court. Also, a team in these divisions cannot press with a lead of 15 points or more.

4. All 7th and 8th grade divisions: No pressing by a team with a lead of 15 or more points.

5. All 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade divisions: No pressing by a team with a lead of 20 or more points.

 F. Three – Point Shots

      1. Three point shots are not counted in games using short baskets (1st, 2nd & 3rd graders). 

      2. Three point shots are counted in games using 10’ baskets where the court has a three point line. 

G. Half-Time: All grade levels have a 3 to 5 minute half-time. 

H. All players must wear team color shirts with numbers on the back.  Any color shorts may be worn.  Shirts must be tucked in and shorts must be pulled up to the waist.

      1. Writing on the shirts, cutting the sleeves or shirts, or altering the shirt in any way is not permitted.

      2. If a team wants to wear their own team shirts, it must be approved by Kevin McCarry prior to the season.

I. Gym supervisors will mediate all situations outside the authority of the game referees. 

J. Basket Height & Basketball size 

1. Basket Height for 1st grade is 8.5';2nd grade is 8.75';3rd grade is 9.0'.

2. Basketball size: All girls divisions play with the 28.5" ball; all 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th grade boys divisions play with the 28.5" ball; all boys divisions 5th grade and older play with the 29.5" ball.

 III. Coaches Responsibilities 

A. Coaches must carry a set of rules with them at games.  It is suggested that both coaches meet briefly with referees prior to game for any questions or clarifications.

B. Coaches must supervise their team members before, during and after the game.

C. Coaches must supply thier own basic first aid supplies, ice packs, towels, etc.

D. Coaches are to supply your own basketballs for warm-ups.

E. Water bottles and sports drinks are not permitted in some gyms.  Gym supervisors will make coaches aware of rules at each gym.

F. Each player must play a minimum of 10 minutes per game.

G. Please clean up your bench area during and after the game.

H. Remind parents (spectators) to supervise all children while in the gym area.


Malvern League Hotline  610-431-6397

Malvern Basketball Leagues

Copyright November, 2004


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